Bose Speaker Redux

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Wed Jun 30 14:30:50 EDT 2004

Fishing for suggestions.  One of my front speakers recently passed on to the 
other side, so thinking I had this one in the bag, I pulled the speaker and 
replaced the caps as per the "brett manual."  The question is, this didnt' 
work.  The speaker does work, but the level is incredibly low.  Sitting next 
to the "repaired" speaker, you can't even really hear the sound coming out.  
You only hear it with your ear immediately adjacent...

I double checked the polarities of all the caps, made sure all of the 
solders were good, and held the board to the light to make sure there 
weren't broken traces.  Everything in this regard checked out. anybody have any suggestions on my next step?  Are there any used 
ones available within the group here, preferably one that's been repaired?


Oh, and Brett, thanks again for preparing that instruction book, it's really 

Derek P

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