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Wed Mar 3 10:59:46 EST 2004

3 dvds
this only works on windows XP, 2000 or NT

i didnt charge for FA because I got it for free
this i would have to charge $30 - it includes shipping for the US -
outside it would be additional postage
i need at a minimum 30 people
i would also need the money upfront and you would receive the item with 4-6 
because it also depends on my availability, as i would be doing this on my 
free time
people that asked for FA just reply offlist and i have your info already
those that did not i need your Name and mailimg address

it includes models covered and years
pick the elsa album

Let me know all
all replies off list please


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>Subject: ELSA
>Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 09:49:32 -0500
>can someone get me a copy of this or direct me on how to download one,
>then i wouldnt mind doing the same as FA
>and i would send it to all the contacts that i already have
>let me know if this is feasible
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>quattro at audifans.com

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