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Wed Mar 3 19:43:41 EST 2004

IMO, camber plates won't do much except to help relieve a fat wallet, if you
are intending to use them with the stock upper spring perch.  Just slot the
strut tower mounting holes for the identical effect.  You can only move the
strut about 0.2" before the spring perch interferes with the strut tower
anyway.  BTDT.  This, plus the my strut brace allows me to run Zero camber.
How much have you displaced the strut bushings with the strut brace?


> From: <bleaf1 at>
> any body have any idea were I could get camber plates and how much they would
> be?I have the bernies brace(it helps a little),but want camber plates..I know
> 2 bennet sells them but I was told they are $500 bucks I also was told by
> someone that these plates for this car could be had for $250 but don't know
> where.. Any help would be much appriciated..
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