Coolant temperature weirdness

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri Mar 5 13:59:12 EST 2004

My 200q20v read just like yours except the gauge didn't go down at highway
speeds.  Just read low all the time.  Since I had reliable heat in the
winter, I figured it was just the gauge.  When I replaced all my coolant
system except the heater core last fall, I also replaced the two sensors
(MFTS and I forget what the other is called) in the plumbing manifold under
the intake.  Gauge now reads just over straight up all the time.  How's
your boost gauge read?  I was only seeing 1.5 occasionally and never 1.7.
Got it all back now.

At 11:34 AM 3/5/2004 -0600, mallick at wrote:
>I thought I had this figured out, but the fix didn't work...
>My coolant temp seems to be a little sits below the first "fat" 
>mark on
>the temperature guage.  At highway speeds is drops even lower, to the next
>lower "slim" mark.  Sitting in traffic it will reach the fat mark and I can
>hear the fan cycle on and off.  
>It sure looked like the thermostat was stuck open, so I had it replaced with a
>brand new 'stat (87C).  The old one looked fine.   The car still behaves the
>same way it did with the old 'stat.  I dunno.  Maybe MFTS flakiness??
>The only other change is that the water pump is brand new, done with the
>change.  Coolant has been flushed and re-filled, to no effect (not that I
>thought it would).
>Any ideas?
>John Mallick
>175K and counting....
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