Coolant temperature weirdness

Peer Oliver Schmidt pos at
Fri Mar 5 17:08:18 EST 2004

John, Bernie, et al.

a "me, too" post. With a twist.

>>So, what's your complaint, just that the temp gage reads low?  That's not
>>too bad, if it reads consistently low.  The MFTS usually fails in an
>>intermittent fashion, gage reading back and forth between zero and some
>>actual temp.

during the time, when the temp gauge reads low for the water, the oil 
temperature climbs to 130+ during Autobahn driving. Therefor I think 
there is a problem, that I can't figure out at the moment. MFTS around 3 
years old.

In regular city driving the water gauge goes up as well. So it seems to 
me something is not closing right ?!


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