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> When I purchased my 200 the only thing "wrong" with it was that the airbag
light was is on (with a little black tape over it).  PO told me he had
attempted to have it fixed but that the part needed was the contact behind
the steering wheel and it was too much $$ ($300?).  Not to mention that it
was a dealer only repair or 'reset' or something like that.   Anyone know
what might be up?  I wonder if I can take the thing apart and fix it or is
that unlikely?
>   So, I also found myself wondering if the Airbags in our 91's are in need
of, or ever will need service anyway.  Are most people's still ok?  How do
you know?  I know some manufacturers recommend service at some standard
ime  - like 10 years.
> Thanks!

I tested my airbag about a year ago - it worked :-)

My "new to me" 200 had the air bag light on. Shop suspected the contact
ring - cost about $100. They reset the light and it worked fine for about 6
months. Now the light takes about 2 miles of driving before it goes off -
but at least it still goes off. It didn't sound like too bad of a job to
replace the contact ring.

I hope I don't test this air bag.

mike miller
helmville mt

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