Avant died and reborn again...

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Fri Mar 5 20:21:16 EST 2004

> From: "the Spaeth's" <spaeth at gorge.net>
> So today on my wifes way home, our 91 20v avant died. It sputtered twice
> and died. It would start and barely run for a second and then die. She
> sat for about 10 minutes and it started and made it home. It idles a
> little rough on start and then seems to run fine. Any ideas? We seem to
> be having car issues stacking up and I need to send her off to work
> again on Tuesday. I would like to think she will get there. I have a
> fuel filter here and was going to try changing that out.
Craig, IMO not likely the FF if no hesitation under high fuel useage
conditions.  If rough only on start up, could be a sticky ISV, but I've
never had a problem with the Bosch rotary ISV.  If/when it is idling rough
first pull each injector connector one at a time.  The ones that do not
cause a rougher idle are the cyls causing the trouble.  Do the same thing
with each plug wire.  This should isolate a bad injector or plug and plug

> Thanks in advance for any ideas,
> Craig
> the Gorge
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