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Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sat Mar 6 15:34:32 EST 2004

At 3:05 PM -0500 3/6/04, Tom Nestor wrote:
>Classic case of sticking bypass valve. Same thing happened to me several
>times before I was able to track it down. Basically the valve hangs open
>after accelerating and comming to a stop. The engine stalls and then would
>restart a few minutes later, sometimes running rough after the restart. It's
>definately worth taken a look at.

It may be a BPV problem, but it certainly isn't a "classic case" 
insofar as Craig described issue. As you indicated--the classic 
symptom involves braking & sudden deceleration immediately before the 
stallout, but that wasn't mentioned in Craig's post. Anyway, the 
failure of the BPV valve isn't because it "hangs open"; rather it 
stays closed (i.e., provides no bypass), and that causes the throttle 
plate to become (too) tightly closed by the boost pressure.


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