Avant died, still running...

the Spaeth's spaeth at gorge.net
Sun Mar 7 23:36:56 EST 2004

So I took it out and flogged the wagon well today. I did alot of 
acceleration up a hill at 1.5 bar and then stomped on the brakes...no 
stumbles and it ran fine. It does not seem to be producing full boost 
but it has always been like that. It pulls to 1.4 fairly quickly and 
sometimes will sneak up to 1.6 but it never goes to a full 1.8. It has a 
stage II chip in it as well. I have had the system pressure tested and 
it held pressure well. So there are no leaks. I don't know if there 
could be any connection between the car dying and the low boost. I 
replaced the frequency valve a little while ago. I am tempted to just 
replace the fuel pump, to eliminate the variable, but I hate to spend 
the money. I can see how the fuel injectors might cause the rough 
running at idle, but I don't see how a bad fuel injector would cause the 
car to die and not restart. If I don't come up with anything good by 
tomorow I think I will take it into the shop.

thanks for all of the help,
the Gorge

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