K26 turbo?

Ned Ritchie Q at IntendedAcceleration.com
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The compressor wheel size determines quantity and pressure.

The K26 having a larger wheel can produce more pressure, but supplies
less air as the smaller portion of the wheel, the inducer, the part that
you see with the blades, is Smaller than that of the K24, and therefore
a restriction.

The turbine, the hot end, on the K26 can exhaust air for 430 hp, but the
compressor falls way short of that monumental task.  With such a free
flowing exhaust the turbine does not spool up quickly, and when it
finally does the compressor intake is too small.

So the K26 will not make you a happy driver.

The RS2 has the same diameter compressor wheel AND a larger than stock
inducer.  It also has a smaller than K26 turbine exhaust, but not as
small as the stock K24.

It is a better balanced turbocharger for higher horse power, but nothing
beats the stock turbo for quick around town stop & go driving.


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How would it be installing a K26 turbo from a 86/87 5kT onto a 200q20v?
know it'll bolt on, oil and water connections the same too, but how will
perform? I understand it will have more lag, but could it be possible to
keep the boost up a bit longer than with the K24? I understand that I
probably need a new turbo soon, but I don't want to buy another K24, and
RS2 turbo is IMHO far too expensive. I can get a nice, not very worn K26
from a '87 5kT for $130 from a salvage yard..

E. Spangen

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