Attempted stereo theft

Brian Link BrianL at
Thu Mar 11 11:55:43 EST 2004

That sucks Rakesh,
Yea as soon as it gets warm in Boulder, the radio thief's come out. 
If you are not going to use insurance than I would get a used window
from pull-n-sav in Aurora it will be about $10.  They usually have a few
5000 and 200.  Plus it is a pull it yourself so you can learn how to do
it on a different car.  

Your sport seat is worth repairing.  Take it to custom upholstery on
Arapahoe.  They fixed a black sport seat for me.  The leather was
perfect and they had great quality.  While your there you can fix the
heater and they can repair the bolster if you need it.   
Brian Link

> Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 00:18:51 -0700
> From: "Rakesh Brennig" <rakeshbrennig at>
> Subject: Attempted stereo theft
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> Hello List, I am seeking repair advice. Last night, two guys smashed
> driver's window of my pearl sedan and attempted to pull out the Alpine
> deck.
> I am most concerned about the damage to the seat (platinum, sport) -
> should
> I get new leather sewn in? I bet it is hard to find the stiff leather
> on these cars. Any one have experience with head rests? The seat was
> excellent condition except I have never repaired the bottom heater
> element.
> Any btdt with window replacement - is it straight forward on these
> or generic?
> The car came with both the Alpine CD deck and the Bose tape deck that
> prior owner would swap back and forth. After the Bose on/off switch
> working I had the Alpine deck professionally installed using a device
> attenuates the line output to the amplified speakers. Not a great
> but
> it seemed to make more sense than a $150 to repair the Bose and still
> have an efficient way to listen to discs. Should I keep my current
> and
> just replace the Alpine unit or is there a better approach within a
> similar
> cost i.e.. keep the amp'ed speakers.
> Regards,
> Rakesh Brennig
> Boulder, CO
> 200q20v sedan, 104k

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