Startup smoke

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Thu Mar 11 12:56:40 EST 2004

Sounds right........I did a quick Oil change at the track.  Dumped close to 5 
in and starting onto the track: a huge white puff came out, and turned heads. 
 Never reoccured. -Scott by BOSTON

> From: "Mike Sylvester" <msylvester at>
> Subject: Re: Startup smoke
> BTDT.  The capacity is 4.7 quarts.  If you put in all 5 you will smoke on
> startup for a couple weeks unless you drain some out.
> Mike
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> > This is a very common situation that occurs when the engine oil level is
> > over filled.  Have you changed your oil recently or added oil recently?  I
> > have had this condition when I have slightly over filled my oil after
> > changing the oil.  In the past I have just drained a little oil out when
> > this has happened and the problem is solved.
> >
> > Jeff Bernstein
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