Built-in Cell Phone

michael mdearing at mhtc.net
Thu Mar 11 13:32:09 EST 2004

You are probably right. I cannot imagine a cell phone company letting a 
contract for analog services these days. Would be someone like myself 
who uses analog and whose phone has quit. How many '91 Audi's had these 
phones built into them?

On Thursday, March 11, 2004, at 11:29 AM, Mike Sylvester wrote:

> Being an analog phone, I would think you will have trouble giving it 
> away.
> Mike
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>> I have the built-in cell phone, complete, working, that I will put up
>> for sale in the Quattro club periodical. Thought I would offer it to
>> you gents and ladies first. I have not yet set a price but it will be 
>> a
>> mere fraction of the $700 that Audi wants for a new one.
>> Any interest?
>> - mike
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