Need replacement for Michelin MXV4's on a 200q20v

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Thu Mar 11 17:57:30 EST 2004


I've got the RE950's on my car, and I'm in Seattle.  They've been nothing 
but good in my book.  Good grip wet and dry, they work in the snow, are 
quite, and track very well.  When I first got them and drove to CA, I did 
notice some planing at higher speeds in heavy rains, but that's been more 
the exception than the rule.

I wasn't hesitant to go with and H-rated, but seriously how often do I see 
the other side of 130?  Yep, that's what I thought.  Went with factory 
sizing on the BBS'.

Don't remember how many miles I have on them now, but they've been going for 
about a year and a half...plenty of life left.

I've also heard pretty good things about the Dunlop replacement for the D60, 
but can't remember what it's called.  Those are cheaper than the 

Derek P

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Audi drivers,

I've had Michelin MXV4s on my 200Q20V for ages and ages, but they've been
discontinued and I now need a replacement. The shop recommends the XGT V4s,
but the comments I've seen are that they don't perform that well in the
wet. Living in Seattle, good wet performance is a must. Bridgestone 950's
have also been recommended, but I don't know anything about them. Any
experienced input you've got would be welcome!


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