Need replacement for Michelin MXV4's on a 200q20v

PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Thu Mar 11 21:59:43 EST 2004

Blizzaks, I have the ice biting version, better on ice and dry road driving, 
but not as good their more aggressive version for deep snow (I have had both.) 
 I'm leaving Minnesota for Aspen for 3 weeks of skiing next Monday knowing 
that I couldn't have a better ride (at least in my mind).  I heard that the 
Blizzak factory burned to the ground in Japan last summer, and was told that they 
would be unavailable for a while.  I know a lot of guys prefer Haka's, I may 
try a set next year.

You will like the 950s

91 Avant    

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