Tires spin on rims???????

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On a more serious note, too much lube and not enough time spent between
mounting the tire and driving on the tire can cause this. Every tire has
a pair of marked spots used for balancing. If the tire moves on the rim,
the balance can be off.

That's why you mark the tire/wheel positions so you can see this- I've
some tires on track cars nearly do a full revolution on the rim. Too
much lube
and tracked shortly after being mounted.

I've also seen this phenomenon on drag racers where too much traction
torque have caused the tire to spin on the rim.


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> This is the topic next to gas prices on Rennlist.
> How often has this really happened?  Anyone experience it? 
> .........Having the rims and tires shift position to go out of 
> balance?
> Could crazy grip and deceleration do this?
> Hmmmmmmmm. - Scott by BOSTON 
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