Need replacement for Michelin MXV4's on a 200q20v

Ben Swann benswann at
Fri Mar 12 11:50:50 EST 2004

IMHO - In short - be glad as the MXV's are (expletive deleted) and the the XGTs are uncomparable.  I regret not paying the extra money for XGTs as I recently got Yok AVS dbII- OK, but just not as good in all extremes as the Pilots were.

On that, i hear the Conti-extreme are a good tire nearly on par with the XGT's but not so expensive.  I'd have gotten them instead of the Yoks except thay were 6 months back ordered then.  Must be good if the demand outstripped the supply - that is what I'd have gotten if they were available, but no experience except for the great positive feedback from thos that had.


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Audi drivers,

I've had Michelin MXV4s on my 200Q20V for ages and ages, but they've been 
discontinued and I now need a replacement. The shop recommends the XGT V4s, 
but the comments I've seen are that they don't perform that well in the 
wet. Living in Seattle, good wet performance is a must. Bridgestone 950's 
have also been recommended, but I don't know anything about them. Any 
experienced input you've got would be welcome!

Dave ]

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