Avant stalling

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Generally speaking, ISV failure on 3B motors is pretty rare (though their
relatively low production number may partly explain that).  A spirited run
with a defective bypass valve or plumbing followed by a rapid slow down to a
stop and stalled out engine is usually indicative of a faulty BPV IME.  Do
not overlook the small diameter hose from the BPV to the back of the intake
manifold -- original ones tend to deteriorate and so I suggest replacing
with silicone tubing available from various sources (I have red from WMB

Simple check on whether or not the ISV is functioning properly would be
simply to unplug it and see if there is any change in idle or stalling.



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I'm still not totally clear which symptoms point to BPV failure vs ISV

Any help appreciated.



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  I have not had any problems with my stock bypass and am running 2.5 bar

  I had the problem as you describe and it was remedied by repair/replace
the Idle Stabilizer Valve.

  I sa r/r because I cleaned the original ISV once and the problem resolved
for a time.  Cleaned it with throttle body cleaner.  Eventually I had to
replace it, and the  problem has not recurred.

  You may want to verify operation of both, or at least BPV since this is
the easier to test, before replacing anything.


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  Typical bypass valve failure creates the exact symptoms you describe-
  I've had two stock valves fail on me- the engine stalls when you cut
  the throttle and coast to a stop. Replacement of the valve fixed it
  time. I'm running a Bailey, no problems since.


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  OK-why does it seem like the BPV, not the ISV?  Is it because the clutch
  is engaged and failing BPV causes compressor stall..then engine stall?
  And symptoms of a ISV failure would be pushing in the clutch and engine
  stalling instead of falling to idle?

  Thanks for the edumacatin'


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