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I'll just give my experience, and not speculate as to what causes it. I put
the  wheels from my 94 S4, 225/50x16's on my 200 and experienced the same
problem. The offset is different by 5mm, the 200 is et35, the S4 et40. Using
the stock 15" wheels on the 200 does not cause this effect. BTW, there about
as many theories/explanations about this tramlining problem as there are
people on these lists, and I'm sure there are many factors from wheel size,
tire size, tire type, alignment,etc..

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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> I put the summer tires on our 20v Avant and they seem to have a real
> tendency to follow the valleys in the road. They are Bridgestone Potenza
> SO3's in 235/45/ZR17's. Is this usually a component of tires or
> alignment or some other issue? The car has stock springs with Koni
> adjustable struts. I have some H&R springs waiting to be installed.
> Would the springs help this at all? It is not really unsafe but it is
> very annoying. The wife is not liking it at all.
> thanks
> Craig
> the Gorge
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