Boost problem (still)

Endrődi Gábor Gabo at
Sun Mar 14 18:27:18 EST 2004

Hi There,

As some of You remeber I have had  problem with my 200 20V. After a 
hard acceleration, the first 2-3 second in the next gear is boostless. 
I mean the car pulls but not with full power. So finnaly I have 
managed to find the wastegate opens this time and this is the reason 
of the boostless period. Ive replaced the WGFV, but nothing changed. 
We tested the WGFV and it is not working during this period, but the 
Wastegate is open. Yesterday Ive checked the wastegate without the 
boort pipe from the WGFV. I put a pressuremeter to the wastegate under 
the membran and it has shovn there was nearly 2 bar pressure. I 
thought my wastegate is broken and that is the reason why the exhaust 
gas goes up to the membran room. I replaced the wastegate to an older 
type WG. Unfortunatelly the car still running poor after the hard 

Please help. Is the exhaust pipe is blocked or what happening with my 
wastegate??  It is a chipped car with stiffer spring.

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