CV Boots

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Sun Mar 14 23:03:01 EST 2004

Can somebody tell, and hopefully in btdt fashion, what the easiest way to 
pull the front driveshafts is?  I just noticed that both of my outside CV 
boots are torn on the front of the car, the passenger side pretty recently 
as the grease is still getting thicker on the inside of the wheel.  And is 
the tranny side CV attached with an 8-point drive screw/bolt similar to on 
the VW's?

>From my recollection, by just taking the bottom of the strut off the 
ball-joint you won't get enough movement to get the shafts out.  Although, 
now that I'm thinking of it, I guess the main nememsis (aka sway bar) is 
attached to the control arm, not the strut.

So, now add another task to the upcoming overhaul list.

Does anybody want to build a garage onto my house real quick so I can have 
some cover?

Derek P

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