CV Boots

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Mon Mar 15 17:47:00 EST 2004

Makes sense to me.  Next time I'm down there, or at least before the work 
I'll inspect the boots.  Seems like I remeber some cracking in the "valleys" 
of the boot, but not 100% on that recollection.  And devils advocate, but I 
think I remember having to replace inner CV-boots on some VW's in the past, 
but the angles might be different, esp. w/the non-long. engine mounting and 
different axle lengths.

And while this job is not exactly fun, doesn't sound like it's as bad as I 
was anticipating.  I'm sure breaking the axle nuts loose will be a lot of 
fun though...after I go to the plumbing supply store.

Derek P

i>At 11:41 AM -0800 3/15/04, Bernie Benz wrote:
>>There should be no reason to replace the inner boot
>>unless it has suffered external damage, as its deflection angle is very
>>small so will/should never self destruct.
>Believe it or not, I was about to make the very same point. My Lago car had 
>a torn outer boot replaced a couple of years ago, and at that time a close 
>inspection of the inner boots revealed no evidence of splitting/cracking, 
>so we decided to "leave well-enough alone".
>Phil Rose				Rochester, NY USA
>'91 200q	(140K, Lago blue)
>'91 200q   (64K, Tornado red)			mailto:pjrose at

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