less rich, less power?

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri Mar 19 16:45:04 EST 2004

At 9:41 AM -0700 3/17/04, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>Hey guys-
>my car had been runing rich for a while so this past weekend I 
>swapped the Thermo Switch on the back of the head, and also replaced 
>the injector seals due to some evidence of blow by or leaks or 
>whatever where 2 of the injectors insert into the IM.  The car seems 
>to be running less rich, judging by the exhaust smell, but the car 
>also seems to be a little less powerful, seat of the pants.  Does 
>this make sense?  I was thinking (hoping) that it would feel even 
>better with a more "proper" mixture.  I admit, maybe less power is 
>due to warmer temps???  It is now in ~60F whereas it's been 30s 40's 
>up til recently, but 60 isn't _hot_.  This is an urq 20V, so my IC 
>is smaller than what is stock on a 200.

There's a clear difference in performance, at least to me, between 30 
degree weather and 60 degree weather.  Especially since you have the 
smaller intercooler...

My vote is warmer temps.  -Maybe- the ecu taking a bit to re-adapt to 
the sealed leak(it doesn't take that long).

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