Jacking up all four NOW: Audi jack A JOKE

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Fri Mar 19 17:45:23 EST 2004

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From: "Brett Dikeman" <brett at cloud9.net>

> Here's a tip that might help...next time, just loosen the lug nuts,
> put the car back on the ground, put it in gear, get it rolling at a
> walking pace or faster, and then slam on the brakes as hard as you
> can.  May have to do it 2-3 times.  The wheel's not going anywhere,
> but there will be plenty of play to break the corrosion.
> This was the only thing that worked to get my wheels off after the
> car sat in the driveway for several months.  A gear puller will also
> work; block of VERY strong wood and hook the arms of the puller in
> the spokes(only really works with the BBS mesh wheels).
> B

Good tip Brett. I guess I"ve always had my wheels off twice a year to do the
summer/winter thing and never had a problem with them sticking. Speaking of
which, I just switched to the summer tires - *big* difference in the way the
cars feels with 205/65/15 snows and 225/50/16 summers.

Whenever I've used the Audi jack, I put a piece of 2 x 6 under it - seems to
keep it from slipping.


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