Audi/Bose Radio Manual

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Sat Mar 20 00:46:14 EST 2004

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> I've got a '91 200 20V with 78K (really driven by an old granny!!) but it 
> didn't have the radio manual - the AM/FM/Cassette type.  I have tried pushing 
> every button/combination to program the presets, but no success.   Is there 
> someone that might take the trouble to copy the radio manual and send it to me?   
> Or perhaps someone knows of a link?  Mike P. in KC

Just hold the button in for a couple seconds and it will take the new preset.  Congrats on having a nice low mileage vehicle. I just rolled 180k on this one and had over 200k on my other one.  All told, I've put about 150k miles in 91 200q's


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