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Yes, the big shoe issue is also one I've seen and experienced.  I have these 
shoes where the sole is actually wider than the shoe and I can catch it on the 
brake while going for the gas and ESPECIALLY viceversa...............
-SCott by BOSTON
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> s_malt at  I am of the opinion that the human mind is a *very* 
> powerful thing.
> The cause, my boot is wide enough to be on *both* pedals even with several
> inches between the brake and accelerator.  Obviously, since I am recounting
> this to you now, the 1970 technology braking system (all drums!) was 
> sufficient
> to stop the progress of the 350cc V8 engine at high revs.
> At the time, in my mind, as weak as it is, I was on the brake solely and the
> engine was acting on its own.  I can see how these cases can come about.  I 
> can
> also see that they are likely in error.

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