How to get more torque?

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Wed Mar 24 11:37:42 EST 2004

I'd suggest a dedicated diesel truck.
It sounds like the wrong vehicle for the wrong application.
Like upgrading a Crown Victoria to a limousine...

But if you insist:  
2Bennett in Davis California was pretty proud of their older 200/5000 tow 
vehicle.  They may have some info.
HTH - Scott by BOSTON

> From: "jerry beer" <gsfent at>
> Subject: Re:How to get more torque?
> I am looking to use the 200q for more towing duty. I already have a bigger
> turbo, Neds older IA stage 3 chip and an anemic kitty. I estimate I am
> putting out about 280-300hp with good power between 3k and 5.5k. If I go
> bigger turbo/ RS2 EM, I get more power, but move it up in the rev range, not
> good for towing. Can I go to bigger 3 inch exhaust to pick up both torque
> and HP and move the torque band down a little?? Any  other ideas
> appreciated.
> regards,
> Jerry

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