Fw: Wastegate diaphram

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Fri Mar 26 17:56:28 EST 2004

George - I am forwarding your message to the NW Audi List. I seem to recall
5-6 years ago someone was making these or had a source for them. Maybe

It might just be easier to buy a used waste gate. I bought one in 96 from a
lister for under $50 that was from a 5000T - worked fine on the 3B engine.
It also had a different spring perch and stiffer spring that allows faster
spool up :-)

mike miller

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> I just picked up a '90 200 front wheel drive, and the wastegate
> diaphram is shot, allowing overboost which cuts out at 1.6 bar. I
> recall seeing a thread about diaphram kits, but can't find the
> references. Any BTDT?
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