Clutch pedal busted.

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That's exactly what happened to me two eyars ago. It looks like
that is a weak spot. I purchased both the master and slave,
but by the time I was finished with the master, I called it a day.

The most important tool is a "sawed off" (ground off really)
 6 mm allen wrench. You need to take it down very clsoe
to the right angle bend.

The other useful tool is one of those spring loaded parts retrievers,
the ones you push from the top and four claws come out
from the cone at the bottom. The stalk is flexible.......
anyhow, put the hex head bolt into it, and you can then use this
tool to get the screw into the spot while you hold the master cylinder
in place. It will take a few tries...and curses to the stupid designers,
like replacing the high pressure side power steering hose on the 
steering gear.......

On he positive side.....the clutch felt a lot lighter after the R&R.
And quite a bit of gunk came out when I bled the fluid out.


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> Last night the clutch pedal on the '91 20 valve went to the floor with
> no notice, and stayed there. I just removed the knee crusher and
> heater duct to find that the rod from the hydraulic clutch cylinder
> broke off at the nut on the clevis to the pedal. This looks like a
> bitch of a job, which may include replacing the rod and/or cylinder.
> Any sage council or sound advice, including parts issues? Do I need to
> remove the entire pedal cluster just to get in there to fix it? Is
> Santa Claus real?
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