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Sun Mar 28 14:14:16 EST 2004

At 1:09 AM -0500 3/28/04, Brett Dikeman wrote:
>  I remember there was a guy in Germany who kept "discovering" small 
>quantities of new 200q20v transmissions, although weren't the prices 
>outrageous, and didn't include shipping from Germany?

I don't recall that those tranny prices were at all "outrageous". In 
fact if we're talking about the same guy, IMHO his prices were 
startlingly _low_ (I seem to recall about $1000 incl. shipping). 
Isn't it still the case that a used 016 tranny in dubious condition 
(that you mention as an undesirable alternative) can easily sell for 
as much as or even more than that? Of course with the recent fall of 
the US dollar, his price would likely be 30-40% higher than a few 
years ago, if he has any more of these trannies.



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