trannies part 2

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun Mar 28 20:38:58 EST 2004

Props to Mike Sylvester, who set a world speed record by offering up 
a transmission less than 7 hours after I posted.  It's the leftover 
spoils from his 20vt-into-an-UrQ project, and the price was more than 
fair, and fairly low miles.  I'm slowly peeling back the layers of 
dirt, sand, oil and cramolin, and how bout that, there's a tranny 
under there! :-)  Once I have it cleaned out I will take a complete 
set of pictures since we occasionally get "where is..." questions, 
and the Bentley diagrams can be hard to read.

Now the only question is how much work to do on it while it's not 
installed in a car...I might base that on how clean the oil is- I'm 
going to drain it through a coffee filter and see what comes out.  If 
lots of little brass pieces and such come out...

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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