Subject: Center driveshaft noise

C1J1Miller at C1J1Miller at
Mon Mar 29 09:36:28 EST 2004

Eyvind Spangen writes:
I get a loud, metallic *clunk* from the center driveshaft if I don't shift
smooth or if I release the gas pedal and step on it again.. I took a look
under the car, and if I twist the center driveshaft, the same noise will
come from inside the front part of it - between the center bearing and the
transmission. It almost sounds like it's something loose inside.

Anyone have any ideas what this can be? Car has got 190k miles now..
Sounds like a bad front CV joint on the driveshaft.  Lobro makes a replacement, I think it crosses with a 911.  Cost around $60?.  You could try repacking it with grease, but it isn't that hard a job to replace it.  Support the driveshaft to keep from overstressing the center/rear joints (or just mark it's position and pull it, that's the best way).  

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