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Purely FYI .

I have heard a 10vtq with NO muffling device of any kind and I  was amazed
at how reasonably quiet it was. Don't get me wrong, it was a dedicated track
car and was way too loud for the street. But since the turbo provides some
muffling itself, it was much quieter to these ears than NA engines with
straight pipes that I've heard before.

With this in mind, and given the fact that I would not mind a little more
sound that the stock WOOSH; If/when I'm in your situation, I will definitely
be willing to try omitting the center muffler altogether. If it turned out
to be too loud,  I could always add a glass pack (which should be cheap) in
the center muffler location. 

There it $0.02

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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Just got back from the Flowmaster approved muffler shop. No go. I had talked
to the factory, and on paper everthing seemed like it would work, although,
both shop and factory are not at all familiar with these cars. The dual
in/out 70 series, would be the choice, as it is the quietest of the bunch.
But it is too long, (although the 50 series is shorter), and too thick. The
main problem is that on the right side top, the stock muffler has a large
indentation that barely clears a brace on the car. The Flowmaster would ride
too close to the ground. The best the shop could come up with, was
installing 2 small glass packs, which they say won't do much, or replace the
center muffler with straight pipes; using only the rear muffler. The rear
looks like it's on the way out, too.
What has anyone else done? The only thing in the Knowledge base not about a
200, and a general search brings up 4000 mufflers. Everyone running stock at
$775.00 plus labor?
Thanks for checking, though. 'Certainly was promising.

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