center muffler

CL Wong montesawong at
Tue Mar 30 22:22:16 EST 2004

I had a chance to ride in Taka's 200 before he put a
Stebro catback in.  He was running a straight pipe in
place of the center muffler and the growl that came
from the car under light acceleration was just
slightly louder than my stock setup.  

Under hard acceleration it was a tad more noticeable
and quite pleasing to my ears.  Taka did mention that
it droned a bit on the highway.

I've since removed the front of my airbox and have a
nice growl under acceleration too.

When it's time for my new exhaust I'm going to these

the spintech mufflers intrigue me, though I have no
idea if they'll work with our cars.


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