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Wed Mar 31 06:58:39 EST 2004

I found two glasspacks were too loud with a very intrusive and annoying
resonance around 3000 rpm.

I finally went with a Magnaflow 2 inlet (2.125 each?) with a single 3"
outlet in front of the rear axle and then a  Flo-Pro 3" baffle pack muffler
behind the axle.

IIRC, I used the Magnaflow XL 3-Chamber Muffler 13278 and a Flo-Pro Baffle
Pack 5522.

We came out of the cats and turned things a bit to set the muffler to the
left side of the car where there was room. Then the single 3" pipe was
easier to route to the rear that two pipes would have been.

The sound is pretty good. Slightly more growl, but not loud. The resonance
moved down to 2800 rpm, but it is not very noticeable. I could barely tell
it was there this winter over the noise of the studded Hakkas.

This was an inexpensive option that I am considering temporary while I plan
a stainless steel option. I did not want to drop too much on something
until I was able to evaluate the concept. I think I have $250 in this
setup.  If it last 3 years I will be happy.

My biggest issue is the ugly tailpipe and the aluminized steel construction
rather than stainless. If I can get the car on a lift, I will snap a
picture. That, and the loss of the dual tail pipe. I see that Flo-Pro has a
3' inlet dual-outlet version of the baffle pack, though I do not know it
that would work. Also, we there are a couple of ugly clamps I do not like.

I will try to paint things this summer.

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