Won't stay running

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Wed Mar 31 16:12:18 EST 2004

At 9:25 AM -0700 3/31/04, Deanna Adams wrote:
>We recently purchased a 1990 200 and it has started acting up recently.  In
>the morning when I start it it won't stay running so I have to sit with my
>foot on the gas pedal.  When I come to a stop sign it will sometimes just
>die on me and I have to let it sit for about one minute and then it will
>start.  Some days I have to keep my foot on the gas when at a stop light and
>some days it idles fine.  I can't locate a book.  So can someone tell me if
>this is the idle or the choak and if so where are they located so I can try
>to adjust them????  Thanks for your help.


This is a CIS(constant injection system) related question, so it is 
probably best asked on the main quattro list since 200q20v's are EFI; 
the systems are very different.

However, neither system has an idle adjustment.  CIS cars have cold 
enrichment valves; both also have idle stabilization valves(which 
bypass the throttle) to control speed(on both, the ISV can get gummed 
up with oil; throttle body cleaner will do nicely).  Sometimes 
problems like these can be caused by a faulty temperature sender, 
causing the ECU to not activate the cold enrichment valve.

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