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Brett Dikeman brett at
Wed Mar 31 20:11:17 EST 2004

The NEQ is returning to NHIS for a two-day driver education event, 
early this year- less than a month away on April 27th-28th!  The 
event is being run by recently-elected ACNA board member Mike Collier.

This event is held in Loudon, NH at New Hampshire International 
Speedway(New England's largest sports arena, with seating for 100,000 
people), utilizing their full course, comprising part of the oval and 
the side road course.  A small track allows for many laps per 
session, and with more than a dozen turns and plenty of elevation 
changes, NHIS forces an emphasis on technique, not straight-line 
speeds.  An excellent track for lighter cars and drivers who want to 
work on their cornering technique.

NHIS features hands-down the best facilities of the tracks we visit, 
including fully paved paddocks, hot showers, an air conditioned 
lounge where lunch is held, race fuel available inside the paddock 
and plenty of clean, well-lit garage spaces(garage spaces accommodate 
2 cars, so you can share one with a friend).

This is not a 'lapping day' or race!  This is a driver education 
event with classroom sessions, low-speed car control exercises, and 
in-car one-on-one assigned instruction on-track.  As with all NEQ 
events, timing devices(in car or otherwise) are prohibited, and 
aggressive, unsafe and/or competitive driving will not be tolerated 
in any way.

If you are interested in attending, you can register online:

...and send in your check ASAP.

You don't need quattro or an Audi to participate.  You don't need 
fancy brake pads, tires, suspension components, etc(convertibles do 
need a permanent roll-bar installed, however).  You should then have 
a pre-tech inspection form filled out by a certified mechanic(ASE or 
appropriate factory training), with any necessary maintenance 
performed.  Ie no fluid leaks, fresh brake fluid, sufficient tire 
tread, brake pad and rotor thickness, etc(see the form).  The form 
can be downloaded here:

...and bring it with you to the event(please bring the second 
event-day checklist as well- that gets filled out by a club 
volunteer).  You MUST have this form filled out and with you to 

If you have any questions about the event, you can email Mike at 
mcollier at

I will be volunteering and look forward to meeting any listers who do 
come.  NEQ events are always open to guests who would like to see 
what the club and events are all about; just please contact the 
eventmaster(Mike) so he knows you're coming.

"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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