Broken lumbar support

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at
Sat May 1 04:09:16 EDT 2004

Doesn't anyone on the A4 list have ETKA?  The P/N for the "adjuster unit for vehicles 
with adjustable lumbar support", left side, is 8D0 881 879 A.  You might be luckier if 
the inside end of the knob broke off.  It looks less expensive and easier to replace.  
P/N 8D0 881 671 D 01C (satin black).  Illustration is 881-50.  Looks like the lumbar 
support began with VIN 8D-W-250 001.  

I had this problem with my wife's Volvo 740 after being in "the position" working under 
the dash with the seat reclined for leg room.  I shouldn't have sat up with my butt on 
the back rest.  You know what happened next.  Fortunately the one plastic part that broke 
(that held the lumbar support, a plain cloth strap, to the adjuster) was individually 
replaceable and plainly visible on Volvo's parts drawing.  I don't see such details in 

I had to detach the bottom of the backrest cover and lift the bottom several inches up 
over itself until I could access the broken part.  Wasn't difficult.  

If you need a pdf or such of the ETKA illustration let me know. 

Ukiah, CA 

Thu Apr 29 11:47:31 EDT 2004 
..."pop" and ... No more lumbar support.  The adjuster spins with no effect.

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