radiator replacement story (LAC)

Linus Toy linust at mindspring.com
Tue May 4 02:51:48 EDT 2004

Replaced the radiator in my wife's ovloV 945t today...the plastic end-tank
ruptured right where it was crimped to the core.
Apart from having to drive 15 miles to pick up the replacement, from start to
finish took about 45 minutes, including filling the tank, checking for leaks,
and cleaning up the mess in the driveway.  The more I work on other cars, the
more I wonder "what were they thinking" when they designed Audis.  
Most annoying about this was that 4 years ago, I did this same job when the the
tube for the radiator hose broke off the original radiator.  So the OEM
radiator went 6 years, the aftermarket Nissens went only 4 years -- hmm...same
brand I installed in my 200q a year ago.  This time, given the choice between
another Nissens and the genuine Volvo article for $20 more,  I got the Volvo
branded, made in Sweden radiator.  
One last item:  Scott Mockry (SJMAutotechnik) is a great source for more than
Audi parts, but have a part # handy if you can.

Linus Toy

Mercer Island, WA 

linust at mindspring.com



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