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So after testing all possible combinations I found the car starts with the new lower board chip (near the transducer) and the stock upper board chip.  I left it that way and still haven't heard from Mihnea though Ben Swann has offered to help any way he can.  Is there any risk in operating the car this way?  What does the upper chip do? 

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One chip controls boost(sometime known as the fuel chip)  and the other controls ignition.  I'm not sure which chip is which from your description, but if you tell me which one you have installed and vice versa, we can narrow that down.   I'd have to take my unit apart to know which is which, but can tell from the writing on the chips.   I would think that the ignition chip has the fault, and that means that your ignition timing will be off with repect to load and RPM - you will probably be runing too advanced across the board, but this is better than running without the boost chip in that more fuel will be added, so lees detonation posibility.

Get back to me offline and I'll see if I can provide a fix.  


p.s.  if anyone knows how to get a hold of Mihnea(email or other), please contact me.

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