Strut bearings?[re. 90q Back Together Again!]

Ben Swann benswann at
Thu May 6 13:44:24 EDT 2004

Then that is not likely the problem.  On mine, one of the bearings had completely disintegrated.

I surmise that there is something that is binding the strut and spring at the top.  Perhaps the spring is not seated correctly.  I could imagine and incorrect mount/bearing binding somehow.  You might want to double check that all this is proper.

With weight on the ground, have someone move the steering back and forth and see if something is shifting.

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  Interesting... but the front strut bearings were new less than 10K miles ago.... could they go bad that quickly?

  They are the improved but non-ur-q mounts... Definitely getting the Ur-Q mounts next time so the car will be a little bit lower... those H&R's are a little high for my taste...

  90q 20v

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    However, it definitely seems there is something wrong with the
    steering, the steering wheel it still stays slightly left after making
    a left turn... and vice versa after making a right turn...  Its VERY
    scary on the freeway when the steering wheel wont "turn" the car in
    this play area.. (about 10* either way)

    I just want to see if anyone has the same issue before throwing more
    money at it... is there anything I can check without taking the rack


    1990 90q 20v]
    I would suspect one  of your strut bearings may be binding.  This is what happened on my 200q20v - would pull in one direction then the other after the wheel was turned.  The bearing when they go bad will bind and twist the spring causing the steering to be pulled in one direction or the other.  This can be accompanied by a clunk sound.

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