PS pump reseal

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Thu May 6 14:50:11 EDT 2004

Well hell, why not start a war of words as don't totally agree Bernie...if 
you're pulling out the pump and have the whole seal kit, I'd replace all the 
seals.  If you're competent enough to do one seal, then I'd say your 
competent enough to do them all.  Yes statistically there's more chance for 
error, but if one seals failed, what's to say anothers not around the 

No extra cost, and my experience is the lion's share of the PIA on that job 
is pulling the pump.  It's a messy affair.  Also, having a good bench and 
vice is VERY helpful to secure the pump on removing and reinstalling the 
x-caps.  I'd also recommend one of those hammer/impact wrench jobbers.

Derek P

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IMO, you're asking for trouble if you fix what ain't broke!  Wash the pump
down with Gunk and find the leak.  Most probably just one of the cylinder
head O-rings.  Replace just the leaking one.  You can buy the O-ring for a
few cents, return the seal kit.


>From: "Eyvind Spangen" <200q20v at>
>Date: Thu, 6 May 2004 18:03:27 +0200
>To: "200q20V mailing list" <200q20v at>
>Subject: PS pump reseal
>My PS pump developed a leak a few days ago, and I have the Bentley manual
>with rebuilt instructions. I ordered the seal kit and 8 new "X"-caps. The
>pump was working just fine before the leak and was still working fine after
>it started leaking. The shaft seal seems dry, the leak seems to come from
>either one of the X-caps or the connection between front and rear pump
>halves. Do you think this reseal will be sucess or failure? I have read
>about pressure valves that stopped working, but I guess I don't need to
>replace this because my pump was working just fine before, right?
>Thanks a lot,
>E. Spangen
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