Metal distributor gear FS

David Priebe davidpriebe at
Fri May 7 00:48:42 EDT 2004

I have one of the metal distributor gears for sale. This is the gear that
was developed by Derek P and Bernie Benz a year or 2 ago. I am asking $45,
what I paid for it, and what was I believe the original price. I purchased
this in the fall from a fellow lister. I didn't use it due to the fact that
I needed to replace my entire distributor, which came with a metal gear. I
would of course prefer to sell it locally (greater Seattle area), but am
willing to ship with the buyer paying actual shipping costs. If I don't get
any bites for it here I will throw it onto the marketplace next week, but
would of course prefer to sell it to someone on the 200 list.

Dave Priebe
Carnation, WA
91 200tqa 178k his
95.5 S6 113k hers
66 MGB 41k 

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