Voltage, oil consumption, women, belt-a-thon

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Tue May 11 14:14:45 EDT 2004

1) I know that my dash voltmeter does not read actual voltage (checked against 
a handheld the dash meter seems to read about half a volt low) but it seems 
accurate relatively. I consisitently see that when I turn on the lights the 
voltage drops significantly on the dash meter-- perhaps half a volt. I assume 
that the alternator can put out way more power than the lights draw, and that 
the regulator should keep the voltage stable, so why is my indicated voltage 
dropping with the lights on?

2)Derek, I want to report that the amazing oil consumption I suffered this 
winter resolved when I got rid of my thin winter synthetic and threw in dino 10-
40 and a can of German (LubeMoly) engine seal. I now am getting a little better 
than 1000 miles/quart. I suspect the culprit was the thin oil rather than a 
leaking seal. I don't recall having this trouble the previous year, but I think 
the synthetic I used then was thicker. 

3) Just curious: are there any women on this list? I can't recall seeing one 
post. And what does that say about us?

4) Can't we postpone a New England belt-a-thon until the fall? I am pretty well 
booked up this month and June, and then there is Summer. Plus, I am not quite 
due, mileage-wise. I take it, Scott, that you can't wait that long?

Dan Wing

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