Voltage, oil consumption, women, belt-a-thon

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Tue May 11 18:03:46 EDT 2004

The CC head channel 11 voltage often reads lower than a voltmeter
held on the battery posts.  Coincidentally, I was fiddling with mine
last night; I used to get two different readings depending on the CC
system being on (Econ) or off, last night it said 12V no matter what
I did.


Chris Thorp wrote:

> wagons at sover.net wrote:
>> so why is my indicated voltage dropping with the lights on?
> Is this at idle or all engine speeds.  If you rev you engine a little 
> bit (~2000), does it rise back up?  If so, then that is normal.  The 
> amount of power that an alternator can produce is related to its 
> rotational speed.
> -Chris
> '95 A6qm
> '90 CQ

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