any hitches out there?

Charles Baer charlie at
Tue May 11 20:37:30 EDT 2004

Caveat emptor.  Before listers settled in with the DaLan, there were
reports of cheaper designs with bad mount choices tearing off of type44s.

The 200 and V8 usually mount the same hitch, the bageco site shows a
beefier "pro" V8 model instead of the one for the 200s.  If they will send
you mounting documentation in reponse to using the "additional information
request" button, you can confirm that it mounts to the frame and how much
cutting is required.

I was about to be really bummed out about having just spent the $350
at hitchweb, but the 200 model appears to be one of the lesser designs.
Not that there might be listers who haven't had a hint of trouble with 
but the incremental cost is cheap insurance.

Interesting how the V8 model is the same price as the lesser rated 200 
wonder if there is a typo on the web site.  Designs like what they label 
as Pro
usually cost more than the others.


feelstranger wrote:

>Well, I would like a used unit, but I found this listing - cheaper then

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