Oil, timing belts...etc

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Tue May 11 21:21:38 EDT 2004

Hey, thanks for the input.  I recently changed to 20w-50 and saw consupmtion 
go down a bit.  Now it's real close to 1000 per quart.  I've got my hands on 
a leak down tester and once I coordinate with a buddy who has a compressor 
I'll be able to get a better handle on the engine condition.

I think I'd also recently mentioned, but I did find my valve cover gasket 
leaking a little at the half-moons, but not enough to equal the observed 

WRT timing belts, love to come but it's a bit far.  I've actually got all 
the parts in my basement right now awaiting the time to do it.  If anybody 
in the Seatle Metro is on the same t-belt clock perhaps we can have a 
competition to see if we can "out timing-belt-a-thon" the east coasters!  
West side yo!

Oh, and just today my car turned 200k.  FWIW, decided to be a dork and take 
a picture.

Derek P

2)Derek, I want to report that the amazing oil consumption I suffered this
winter resolved when I got rid of my thin winter synthetic and threw in dino 
40 and a can of German (LubeMoly) engine seal. I now am getting a little 
than 1000 miles/quart. I suspect the culprit was the thin oil rather than a
leaking seal. I don't recall having this trouble the previous year, but I 
the synthetic I used then was thicker.

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