any hitches out there?

jerry beer gsfent at
Wed May 12 20:11:59 EDT 2004

I got mine years ago at (don't laugh)  local Pep Boys. Nothing for a '91,
but the book had one for an '87 or '88 wagon. Ordered it, it was a DaLan.
They charged about $110 for install, then it took them 6 hours and had to
add a second monkey lad!! It has been on for many years, I have pulled as
much as 3500# (with a Class III tow ball) and nothing has fallen off yet!! I
did have to remove the rear muffler for the hitch to clear (aw shucks), had
local muffler shop replace with straight pipe using old muffler pipe shape
as a template. Nice throaty sound, no problems.
91 200qa

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