Fw: any hitches out there?

jerry beer gsfent at bellsouth.net
Thu May 13 04:30:46 EDT 2004

Right Pete, I had to remove the rear muffler to get the hitch to fit. Not a problem as I just replaced it with straight pipe, and got a better sound to boot. When I did the install, there was no hitch that specifically fit the 91. Tho older hitch is an alternative if you don't mind removing the rear muffler.
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When I sold my 86 Avant, I pulled the hitch off, sandblasted and repainted only to discover it would not fit my 91 Avant.  The 91 is narrower to clear the twin tip exhaust.

I am supprised that yours fit.  Hoverer, I think the 91 hitch would fit an older model.


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