Stalling on deceleration

n-engelbert at n-engelbert at
Thu May 13 08:19:46 EDT 2004

Disconnecting the ISV electrical connection when idling results in the idle
jumping up about 500 rpm.  I'll take it off and clean it and see if the
condition improves.


> N:
> Or its your ISV Idle Stabilization Valve at the top of the Intake
> manifod  against the firewall.  Mine is flaky and the car stalls or
> won't idle. I just cover the throttle with my foot to keep the engine
> idling...... -Scott by BOSTON  I can take a photo for you if need be.
>> From: <n-engelbert at>
>> Subject: Stalling on deceleration
>> My new to me 200q20v has begun stalling intermittently with the clutch
>> in when rolling to a stop.  From the archives, my bypass valve is
>> likely bad,

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